Encouraging Young Women in Computer Programming

“Occupational gender segregation is one of the leading factors in the wage gap, and therefore desegregating high-paying, high-demand occupations is a social-justice concern.” – Lorena Barba

A Santa Fe Professional Development Workshop June 7+8

The Institute for Computing in Research
The Computer Science Alliance

(Sign up with email to mark@galassi.org) (please distribute our PDF flyer to teachers, or point them to this post) (preparation instructions)

To join point your browser to https://meet.jit.si/SantaFePD or download the jitsi mobile app at https://jitsi.org/downloads/ and join the room SantaFePD

The Institute for Computing in Research and the Computer Science Alliance will host a professional development workshop, aimed at CTE teachers in Santa Fe. The course will be taught by Alison Randal of Cambridge University, Leina Gries of Pomona College, and Mark Galassi of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Our goal is to solve the problem of the “grades 4-12 gender gap in technology” in Santa Fe.

We start out discussing the current state of research on the blockers for women in computational fields, and then present the Institute’s recommendations and its offer to work with teachers to address the gender gap.

This workshop is free for teachers, but space is limited so please sign up by email soon! Individual make-up is possible if you have to miss some of the time slots.

Session 1 – Monday 2021-06-07 – 3pm-5:30pm (US/Mountain time)

15:00 Gries “Introduction: why the platitudes on gender in tech are not enough.”
15:45 discussion
16:00 Galassi “The scholarship behind gender exclusion.”

Session 2 – Tuesday 2021-06-08 – 3pm-5:30pm

15:00 Randal “Experiences of women in computing: how current approaches have stalled”.
Galassi “Gems to be found in the better allies movement.”
16:45 Gries and Galassi “The Institute for Computing in Research’s approach and services.”

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