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The Institute for Computing in Research is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. We are proud to operate on a shoestring: our organizers, guest scientist and mentors are volunteers, and we use donated space for our institute. Donations go entirely to fund our student internships. Everything else comes from volunteer work. This means that even a very small donation goes far, and we are touched by any donation.

The Institute for Computing in Research can receive tax-exempt donations through the Software Freedom Conservancy.

You can click on this button:

to make a credit card donation. Please contact if you would like to pay by other methods than a credit card.

A few words about why this is an important charity: we address a shortcoming in what is offered to motivated young students. These internships are a crucial step in developing young researchers and in developing a well trained workforce which then allows the growth of high tech industry. But at this time the high-end internships where mentors are world-class scientists are effectively only available to children of well connected families.

(some notes for northern New Mexico below)

If you work for Los Alamos National Laboratory, or some other employer which has a donation mechanism, then you should use that mechanism. Sometimes your employer might even match your funds, so the Institute magically receives twice as much as you donate.

Los Alamos employees can set up contributions with the Employee Giving Campaign. Select Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library. But NOTE: they have a note in rather big letters where you can put the purpose. Make sure you specify Institute for Computing in Research (or more easily ICR) when you fill out the online form. Once again, please contact if you would like help with this.