The two ways researchers work with the institute

Scientists, scholars, and technologists who are active researchers in some field can mentor our internship students. The current list of researchers is in the Institute’s community page.

There are two ways you can work with the institute: be a guest lecturer, or mentor an intern.

Guest lecturers

You give a one hour (or a bit more) presentation during the course of the Institute’s internship program. You can present specific research, or give a broad overview of your field. You could also propose research ideas for students.


Mentors work with interns on a project. Their duty is designed to be very light: mentors meet (in person or by videocon) with their student early on and propose a project.

After that they are available to occasionally discuss the project (possibly once or twice/week, but it’s really up to the mentor — everyone has their style).

Mentors do not have to give any help with programming: our chat room is stacked with the other interns and with some very strong scientific programmers who will help with software problems and debugging.

Typically the ideal project is either a contained part of current research, or a “back of the drawer” project – some idea the mentor had way back and has not yet had a chance to work on. It can also be a pedagogical project, aimed at clarifying the current state of a field.

More information about internship projects is in our Research internships page, and we also have a post with further thought son mentors and how they work with interns..

If you would like to lecture or mentor one of our students please contact Mark Galassi at — or call +1-505-629-0759 (voice only) for more information.