The two ways our researchers work with the institute

Our scientists and technologists are active researchers in our area (northern New Mexico) and they work together with our internship students to develop optimal paths for budding researchers. Our focus is on advanced computational techniques. The (still growing) list of our researchers is in the Institute’s community page.

There are two ways our researchers work with the institute: they can be guest lecturers, or mentor an intern.

Guest lecturers

A guest lecturer gives a two hour presentation during the course of the Institute’s internship program. The first hour is a presentation of their research topic at a level appropriate for highly motivated upper grade high school students. In the second hour they present a computational project, broken down in to phases a student might be able to tackle, which would lead to an advancement or a better understanding of their project.


Mentors commit to leading student interns through their internship project. Mentors are expected to make contact with the students beforehand, be available occasionally during the day via instant messaging and email, to visit their students at the Institute at least once/week, and possibly to be available for video conference another couple of times per week.

Mentors can propose topics of their own to students, or can work with students on projects that the students have come up with.

More information about internship projects is in our Research internships page.