Summer Research Internship Program 2024

What we offer

We offer a paid research internship program for students in Santa Fe (NM), Portland (OR), and Austin (TX) who are finishing 10th – 12th grade. We pay students a stipend so they can work full time on their research for 4 weeks: July 8-August 2 2024. Students are paired with a world class researcher who mentors them in this period.

About the Institute

We are a consortium of scientists and students who develop advanced computing methods applied to physical science, life science, social science, arts, and humanities. Our goal is to develop the best ways to train young students to do research.


We seek applicants from a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Please view our web materials and follow the instructions to apply. Note that the prerequisites listed on our web site must be satisfied well before the internship begins.

Principals and Faculty:

Please refer your very motivated 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students for this summer’s internship program.

Apply by clicking here

Flyer for summer 2024

Please download the flyer linked here and pass it around!