Python in 3 parts

A Santa Fe Professional Development Workshop

The Institute for Computing in Research
The Computer Science Alliance

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The Institute for Computing in Research and the Computer Science Alliance will host a professional development workshop, aimed at CTE teachers in Santa Fe. The course will be taught by Mark Galassi of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Our goal is to give a solid foundation for Python programming, as well as delving deeply into the ecosystem of advanced libraries for data science and systems programming in Python. There are no prerequisites except for being a teacher with an interest in programming. We also welcome advanced students who are teaching assistants in computer programming.

This workshop is free for teachers, but space is limited so please sign up by email soon! Dates are flexible, and individual make-up is possible if you have to miss some of the time slots.

Session 1 – 2020-06-23

14:00 Elementary python and what characterizes its syntax and semantics.
15:00 Writing a program with functions.
16:00 Discussion and debugging together.

Session 2 – 2020-06-24

14:00 Python dictionaries: its killer trick.
Basics of object-oriented Python.
Discussion and debugging together.

Session 3 – 2020-06-25

14:00 Python for data science and visualization.
15:00 Python for systems programming: parallelism, networking.
16:00 Discussion and debugging together.