The Institute for Computing in Research opens in Austin this July 11

As we start our fourth internship season in Santa Fe and our second in Portland, OR, this coming Monday, July 11 2022, the Institute for Computing in Research will open up in Austin, TX.

The Austin pilot will have 6 students from high schools in the Austin area. They will work with world-class mentors on topics in physics, computer science, linguistics, and cognitive science.

Once again we are being helped by well-organized institutions: the Austin cohort is made possible by donations from Optiver, which is sponsoring a significant portion of the program and hosting us in their offices.

Given what we have seen from our students in Santa Fe and Portland, and given the credentials of the students in this cohort, we expect very interesting research to come out of the Austin pilot. This will continue to contribute to the answer to our key question:

how can you craft a well-balanced pipeline of young students that leads to real research?

Mark Emry, from McNeill high school, will be directing the Austin cohort, joining our remarkable team consisting of Rhonda Crespo, who directs the entire Institute and works on site with the Santa Fe interns, and Maria de Hoyos who directs the Portland program.