Lectures given in 2019

We had an excellent collection of lectures given by members of the Institute’s community. We have collected here the slides form these talks. Some of them are in original slide show format, others in PDF format.

Planetary Defense

Cathy Plesko, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2019-07-23

David Palmer – Pulsars, Satellites and License Plates

David Palmer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2019-07-25

Computing applied to DNA Sequencing

Joann Mudge, National Center for Genome Resources, 2019-07-29

Tutorial on Science Writing

Jenna Marshall, Santa Fe Institute, 2019-07-30

Overview of Complex Systems

Albert Kao, Santa Fe Institute, 2019-07-30

An Introduction to Scattering

Amanda Madden, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2019-08-02

Black Holes and Bling in Space

Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of New Mexico, Los Alamos, 2019-08-05

Ashley Teufel – A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Data

Ashley Teufel, Santa Fe Institute, 2019-08-06

How to Become a World Class Scientist

Ed Fenimore, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2019-08-08